Last year at the PDC we gave you a very small taste of what’s in store in the next version of OneNote. With OneNote 2010, you will get full web access to your OneNote notebooks and enhanced sharing capabilities that will make it the easiest way to capture all your information and have it easily available to you everywhere. It will also be awesome for teams sharing information, ideas, plans, coordinating projects and so on. We have many other exciting features coming up in this release that we’re not able to disclose yet but we think you’ll like it a lot.

We’re also making it easier for our business customers to get OneNote. OneNote 2010 will now also be available as part of the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 release.  Office Professional Plus is targeted to business users and is only available through Volume Licensing.  We’re not announcing any details about other SKUs yet. Overall we’ve seen a lot of interest in OneNote and we’re trying to make sure customers will be able to get it easily whether you use Office at home or at work.

I look forward to being able to share more details with you about the new features in OneNote 2010 in future posts.