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Mostly about Microsoft media technologies.
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    AVCHD Recipe for Expression Encoder 2

    I've been chatting with Scott Stanfield , CEO of Vertigo about AVCHD camcorders and we discussed how to best implement an AVCHD workflow in Expression Encoder. I recently posted a "recipe" for how to import HDV footage and encode it using Expression...
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    The Secret Compressionist's Ball

    OK, so it wasn't secret and it wasn't a ball either but I couldn't resist the reference. Ben Waggoner hosted a party for video compressionists at NAB this year and I dragged myself there. I was feeling worse for wear not because of over-indulgences in...
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    Silverlight Galleries in Expression Media 2

    Expression Media 2 features support for creating Silverlight web galleries, which means interactive galleries rather than plain, boring, static HTML, which after all is so 1999. Apart from being animated, fluid and cool, Silverlight galleries are useful...
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    Free Expression!

    Did you know that students can get Expression products for free? As part of Microsoft's family of developer tools, all Expression products are available at no charge to eligible students through DreamSpark. For more information on DreamSpark together...
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