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Mostly about Microsoft media technologies.
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    How to Customize Expression Media Silverlight Galleries

      Expression Media 2 includes support for publishing your catalogs as Silverlight galleries. Felix Andrew, who is the architect for Expression Media, recently wrote a nice article on how to customize one of the samples that is shipped with Expression...
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    Ziv Gilat 's Eye-Fi demo at the ProPhoto Summit today was awesome. For those who don't know, Eye-Fi is a 2GB SD card that has built-in WiFi. When I first saw it at MacWorld in January, it simply used your home WiFi network to upload pictures you shot...
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    Expression Media at the ProPhoto Summit

    Some of the Expression Media team did an impromptu lunch session at the Microsoft ProPhoto Summit yesterday. We had about 30 people come in throughout our 90 minute slot during lunch. Kevin Bier, our illustrious Product Unit Manager, MCed the whole thing...
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    Cuts Editing

    Here's a hot new feature that will enhance how we do cuts editing in Expression Encoder. We're looking at implementing this in a future version of Expression Encoder - check out the video! :) Joking aside, this video shows the origin of the term "cuts...
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