Last time I bloged about the Shower in Narita airport a few people asked about the exact detail whereabouts. I will keep a list of these little oasis so you can break up your 20hr flight nicely.

  • Tokyo - Narita: 5$ showers for 30 min. The place is incredibly clean and has lots of hot water. You can get in and out in about 30 min. You also can hang out in their lounge for a while and rest of comfortable couches.
  • Amsterdam - I have heard there are showers here but have not personally found them. However there is nice quite lounge with big leather sofas close to the first aid station on the second floor. Highly recommended if the sound of snoring passengers doesn't bother you.
  • Singapore - By far it is the best airport on earth. They have a movie theater and mini hotel and showers. If you have a semi long transit you can take a bus tour of the city. Since they don’t let you out of the bus you don’t need visa. If you are more ambitious you can arrange your flight to have 20 hr layover. Then go downtown and do some shopping and then to Santosa beach and relax and finally go clubbing and get back to the air port just in time for your flight. ;-) that is what I did once. Since you travel by subway the schedule is very predictable and you don’t risk missing your flight.