• DavidHardin

    Configuring diagnostics.wadcfg to Capture Custom Log Files

    Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) has the ability to copy files to Azure blob storage.  The feature is meant for copying custom log files but you can use it to copy any file that WAD has permission to access.  To configure this feature via diagnostics...
  • DavidHardin

    Configuring WAD via the diagnostics.wadcfg Config File

    Azure 1.3 added the ability to control Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) via a config file. The MSDN documentation covering diagnostics.wadcfg explains that the capability was added to support the VM role. The documentation also says to continue configuring...
  • DavidHardin

    Mechanical Bird

    We are lucky that “building” software is so easy and cheap.  Imagine how hard it is to build a working mechanical system.  That is why I’m amazed by this mechanical Bird:
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