Today brought me back the mid-1980s big time....  I stopped by my local book/CD/DVD store and picked up Season 1 of “Sledge Hammer!”.  Now, while I did know this was coming, I had forgotten just how funny the show was...

For those who have not seen or heard of this show before, it ran for exactly 2 seasons in the US (not sure if it was ever shown outside of the states) at as time when police shows were all the rage.  It's central character (aptly named Sledge Hammer) was a sort of comic Dirty Harry and wasn't all that bright.  He slept with and talked to his revolver and caused a good deal of distruction, yet still seemed to always catch the perpetrators.

If you are looking for some fun, light entertainment from almost 20 years ago, I recommend checking this out.  Remember, laughter == exercise you don't realize you are doing ;)

In the immortal words of Sledge... “Trust me, I know what I'm doing“.
-- DK