Steven Pratschner recently posted about one of the coolest new features of the Service Pack 1 beta for .NET Compact Framework version 2 -- the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor. 

Along with the real-time view of the .NET Compact Framework performance statistics, the Remote Performance Monitor can also load and display counter data from .stat files.

To use the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor to view .stat files you will need to do the following steps. 

  1. Enable performance counters in the device's registry
  2. Run and exit your application (this creates the .stat file)
  3. Copy the .stat file to your PC
  4. Run the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor (NetCFRPM.exe)
  5. Load the .stat file from the Open .stat on the File menu

Once the file is opened, the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor displays the counter data and a brief description of the each counter.  Detailed descriptions of the counters can be found here. The image below shows the data from one of my demo applications from MEDC 2006.

-- DK

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