June, 2007

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About David Kline

Hi, I'm David Kline.  I have been at Microsoft since July 1991.  Before then, I attended the University of Washington, in Seattle, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology.

I began my Microsoft career as a Support Engineer for MS-DOS 5.  Just under three years later, I joined the Windows 95 test team and have worked on many products and many technologies.  I am currently working on the .NET Compact Framework team (since August 2000) and, as evidenced by the multitude of subjects covered on this weblog, continue to be involved in several technologies.

For the past three years, I have been attending and speaking at the Mobile and Embedded DevCon (MEDC) and very much enjoy getting to meet our customers and my readers.

I'm going to finish off this intro with an excerpt from my MEDC 2007 bio (in true bio style, it's written in the third person):

"When he's not busy playing with mobile devices, developer tools and testing technologies, he enjoys strong coffee, zombie movies, classic jazz and playing the saxophone."

Take care, happy reading and hope to see you at a future conference!
-- DK

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    Testing performance

    A couple of weeks ago, I described the test development priorities for the .NET Compact Framework team. As part of that discussion, I stated that performance should be tested in parallel with the other forms of testing (unit, customer scenarios, etc)...
  • David Kline

    Quick Tip: Getting the Collection of Checked ListView Items

    Have you ever created a ListView control and wanted to get the collection of items that the user has checked? While I was working on my demo for MEDC, that was one of the things that I needed to be able to do. If I were writing my application for the...
  • David Kline

    Alan Page on Root Cause Analysis

    I have worked with Alan off and on for a very long time now. When I heard that he gave a Lightning Talk at STAR East , the first thing that came to mind was "I wish I could have seen that". Last week, he posted what he talked about (and more?). I very...
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