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  • Blog Post: Solution: Can edit, but can’t process, an Analysis Server Cube using ORACLE data

      Recently I was developing a SQL Server Analysis Server cube using Oracle as a data source. Weirdly the the development environment (BI Dev Studio) could see the Oracle schema & let me explore the data. But when I tried to process the cube or one of its dimensions, it died indicating that I...
  • Blog Post: Ultimate Resource for File Extensions

    Occasionally, especially in large corporate clients, I find myself looking at a file extension wondering “what sort of application created that?”. Most often the file is intended to be a source of data for an SSIS extract & no-one can recall the legacy system that created it. I found the following...
  • Blog Post: Handy sample Connection Strings

    Remembering the exact syntax of a connection string is a pain. The following are links to my favourite articles on making a connection string.   Connection Strings.Com   Another great site for developers is The Code Project: ADO Connection Strings & of course RTFM is also a great idea,...
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