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  • Blog Post: Tip SSMS: How to quickly find the line with the Syntax error

    When executing code in SQL Server Management Studio. Occasionally people make errors. If you find yourself counting thru your TSQL Batch up to “LINE 231” where your error is supposed to be, then this tip is for you.   Tip: Double Click on the Error message in the results pane. (In diagram below...
  • Blog Post: Tip SSMS: Script your Entire Table including the Data – a hidden gem.

    Have you ever written a TSQL SELECT statement that builds INSERT Statements so you can script the entire table? Usually we do it to make it simple to create & load a “Reference or Lookup” table? Sure, Most DBA’s have. This Waay Cool little feature is buried in the options. You’ll never need to write...
  • Blog Post: Tip SSMS: How to BLOCK Select

    SQL Server Management Studio has so much capability, yet most people I meet don’t seem to have read the manual to discover it. So I thought I might post a few of features I find invaluable. This works for SQL 2005, SQL2008, SQL2008 R2 & Visual Studio. Summary: Tip 1: It is possible to “ALT + Select...
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