My friend and Dimension Data consultant, Kurt Heiz, continues to allude the blogsphere directly, by emailing me his great little discoveries, and letting me claim them as my own.

NO MORE KURT! From now on, when someone sends me one of these “Check this out!” emails, I will tag the entry with their name, in the hope they will one day claim their space in the blogsphere, and let Kurt feel more awe than he ever has before!

Kurt’s latest little treat is this Solution Starter: Scrum for Project 2003:

Now, my only concern with this is that the plug-in is written in VB6, and the instructions says we have to compile the project!!? Are they high!? I sanitized my machine of VB6 eons ago, and have no intention of installing it. So if anyone is kind enough to email me the build plug-in, then I’ll run that too. But for now, I’m enjoying the project template that comes with the kit.