I hate paper! I spend all my time on-line, and now rely heavily on my Microsoft e-mail account as my primary contact point, I wish I never had to receive another piece of paper again. I mean, I get paper in the way of bills, notices, reminders, etc; when all they have to do is either have my mobile number or email address.

So I was really impressed to see that Telstra now have an option where you can register on-line for your bill, but best of all, I can go paperless. Now, this is especially important for Telstra, as they send out 500 tonnes of paper bills each year! Fark! So with the paperless option, I will now receive an email when my bill is due, or, if I’m late on my payment, I get an email and an SMS. This rocks! If you’re like me, and are able to respond to emails far better than paper letters, and hate having to store all this mail in a filing cabinet, you too will enjoy going paperless :)

I really wish this option was available for everything, I really hate getting paper!