I’m in Sydney for a few days, and apart from some catch-up meetings and 11pm coding sessions (I’m going to do a quick post on my .NET threading adventures today too), I’m hanging out in Franky's office. Now, I’m not sure how many folks have been to Franky's Den o’ Fun, so here are some pics with associated insights…henjoi ;)

Franky's Rear View Mirror

Franky doing his “wrist”

The Office Calendar
It’s Oswald man!

The infamous Bricey “Pablo”

To accompany Franky's 12”
Straight from Franky's

Lanyards a’plenty!

Franky's Fan art!
Guess what comes out at
review time!!?

That pink thing qualifies as a WOMD!

Now this is an office!

As you can see, I love visiting Franky's Den o’ Fun; make sure next time you’re at Microsoft Sydney, you harass Franky for a live tour!