July, 2006

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My name is David Lemphers, and I'm a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Azure team, based in Redmond, WA, United States. I'm originally from Australia, so make sure you drop me a line and say g'day mate!

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    Royal Elastics Make Nice Shoes!

    I went on a little shopping spree on the weekend, and got myself some new Royal Elastics . My old ones have been real troopers, but since I wear them when riding, they are really going downhill fast. Now, I remember a few months ago, Franky was thinking...
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    Traditional Media's Fine Whine about Blogging!

    Daz has a great post on the media’s response to blogging. In it, he refers to an article by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd , titled “ Bloggers, they’re just trying to put the “me” in media ”. Taking an extrospective...
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    Could It Be? Big Brother Axed?

    Well, maybe just in my dreams, but a recent poll on The Age’s website seems to be pointing in the right direction! Please go away Big Brother, I know of a ton of great TV to replace you: CHiPs ‘99 – Ponch has returned to...
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    I Second That Emotion!

    Nige has a post up on his new reality TV show idea. Now, many know my stance on such things, but I have to say, his idea not only has merit, but by gosh, it’s just down right sensible. Now, I have started my small list of people to nominate Nige...
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