Franky and I were talking about blog stats today, and I was commenting that my number of posts have ended up around the 10-15 per month level, and I'm struggling to get anywhere near Frank at 30-40 per month!

And then Franky responded with, "It's because you're producing some weighty tomes!".

Well, what can I say.., "What, weighty tombs???"..

So I thought I should share this term (which I think rocks, and that people should use in performance reviews, etc), which when broken down is essentially:

Weighty: Like heavy

Tome: big book (wikipedia

But when I think about the concept of the weighty tome in the blogosphere, I love it. It's like your life's work (but only for that afternoon), it connotates big white beards, lots of furrowed brows, lots of hmmms..yes, yes.

So go forth! Create thy own weighty tomes!