December, 2009

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My name is David Lemphers, and I'm a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Azure team, based in Redmond, WA, United States. I'm originally from Australia, so make sure you drop me a line and say g'day mate!

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    Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow! Wow!

    So I’m doing some prototyping at the moment and one of the most frustrating aspects of getting started with any prototype is capturing the: Flow Main Screens Specification I think in mind maps, so one of my biggest problems when starting a new project...
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    Remote Command Service for Windows Azure!

    So a while back I blogged a little sample code on how to get some info about what’s happening inside your instance using a simple process within a web page. Looking Inside Windows Azure! Well, I decided to refresh this code sample using one of my favorite...
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    My PDC09 Session – Code and Clip!

    So one thing I’ve been terribly slack about since returning from PDC09 has been posting my session clip and code snippets for folks to download/reference, so my sincerest apologies, and without further ado: 1. My session 2. My slide deck ...
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