I've been playing with VoIP at home and adding to my media Center.

Admittedly it wasn't as good as the display Rick Anderson (SSP for mobility) had at a recent Global Mobile briefing. I personally liked the new Samsung pocket PC format, however didn't get to use as they were without batteries.

Smartphone April 002

In terms of VoIP I am trialling a Belkin Skype phone. So far, the handset is good, brilliant to setup but the quality of call is questionable. I may try regular VoIP instead.

Smartphone April 003

This is my new keyboard (bottom right) which lasted 1 hour before no longer being able to be used:


April 2008 004


Notice the difference in size with traditional Media Center inputs. Also its Bluetooth - but will it wake from Bluetooth? Will it only wake if using its proprietary dongle?

Watch this space when I get a replacement from ARC in Silverwater Road.