Bell Sympatico and MSN entered into a partnership which together resulted in a merger of and forming a new (Super) portal.  Content channels are either hosted by Sympatico or MSN.  Bell Sympatico engaged Microsoft Consulting Service to architect the portal solution which is based on Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.

 Please visit the new portal at  The complete list of Bell Sympatico channels is listed at the end of this email.


  • The portal is built using the following technologies:
    • Microsoft Content Management 2002
    • .NET Framework and ASP.NET
    • SQL 2000
    • Windows 2003 Server
  • The Sympatico-MSN portal is the largest in Canada.
  • Based on page views per second the portal is the largest Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 installation in the world. (Bigger then
  • The site is Passport enabled and allows seamless single sign-on between the MSN and Bell hosted channels.
  • The performance numbers for the web site are fantastic!  The site was independently load tested using 2300 virtual users by Mercury.
    • 289 page views/second
    • 1850 hits/second
    • 20% CPU on the web servers
    • 5% CPU on the database servers.
    • 0 Errors

Bell Hosted Channels

There are a large number of channels hosted by Bell Sympatico which are: