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August, 2006

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Hi there!

I am David Salgado, Developer Evangelist in Spain. I try to make easier for the dev community to adoption new MS technologies, I also love listen to feedback to try to change things, so maybe sometimes I act as pushpaper =P

Before joining Evangelism team, I worked as Distributed services support engineer, and before joining MS I was C# MVP, and even before that I was a GNU/Linux and J2EE lover...and I do not have enough stack to continue remembering what I´ve done before =)

Sometimes I participate/assist to MS international events (techeds, MIX ... ) so maybe we can take a coffee somewhere.

Happy Hacking!

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    0:00>!logopen c:\Summerlull.txt 0:00> .echo " El descanso del guerrero =) Me tocó! Estaré una semana por las tierras gallegas y posiblemente otra semanita en madrid dedicado a la vida contemplativa ... y a un par de proyectos que tengo...
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    Can not disasasemble a module saved from a dump file

    It was so tricky! We were debugging an issue with a .net application. We saw that the problem could be in a function from a module called mymodule.ni.dll. (the original module name was mymodule.dll without the ni, but we did not give it importance...
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