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January, 2007

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Hi there!

I am David Salgado, Developer Evangelist in Spain. I try to make easier for the dev community to adoption new MS technologies, I also love listen to feedback to try to change things, so maybe sometimes I act as pushpaper =P

Before joining Evangelism team, I worked as Distributed services support engineer, and before joining MS I was C# MVP, and even before that I was a GNU/Linux and J2EE lover...and I do not have enough stack to continue remembering what I´ve done before =)

Sometimes I participate/assist to MS international events (techeds, MIX ... ) so maybe we can take a coffee somewhere.

Happy Hacking!

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    24 degrees in 24 hours

    Spanish version Tuesday 23th we had an event in Tenerife (canary islands) I think it was fine, interesting content (.net 3.0), about 100 attendants, great speakers ( Alejandro Mezcua , Miguel Jimenez & Pablo Pelaez ) but what made this event different...
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    Seville was the MS events city

    Spanish version available We could say that it was an intense day. Tuesday 16th January we had 3 different MS events there, in fact 2 of them at the same time! Along the morning the University Tour took place in the computering faculty, my colleague Ethel...
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    Tagged x)

    Spanish version ( http://geeks.ms/blogs/dsalgado ) Miguel tagged me , so now i´m supposed to write down 5 things you probably don´t know about me and then tag 5 colleagues =) 1 - I love martial arts and contact sports. I practiced Karate for about 12...
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