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April, 2009

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Hi there!

I am David Salgado, Developer Evangelist in Spain. I try to make easier for the dev community to adoption new MS technologies, I also love listen to feedback to try to change things, so maybe sometimes I act as pushpaper =P

Before joining Evangelism team, I worked as Distributed services support engineer, and before joining MS I was C# MVP, and even before that I was a GNU/Linux and J2EE lover...and I do not have enough stack to continue remembering what I´ve done before =)

Sometimes I participate/assist to MS international events (techeds, MIX ... ) so maybe we can take a coffee somewhere.

Happy Hacking!

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    public cloud? private clouds? & the art of marketing

    post available in spanish It's tricky, marketing departments place an organization on the edge despite of the technology used :D All of you have heard about cloud and cloud computing. In a few words, cloud computing is about consuming services, services...
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    iisfcgi.dll with version 7.0.6001.18000 is not up-to-date

    post in spanish   Yesterday I created my first non .NET application for Windows Azure, surprisingly it was pretty simple! :)  I followed a lab in the Azure Training Kit – April Personally, I think that the lab it´s too complicated, it´s focused...
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    Cambios en este blog... sindicación e Idioma

    finalmente he sacado un rato para ordenar algunas ideas, esto va a afectar a los blogs porque voy a volver a los inicios... pero con feedburner :) De modo que si hay alguien que esta suscrito... y que quiere seguir O=) ... que cambie la suscripción...
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    Cloud Computing 101

    EL concepto es muy sencillo...  es OTRA forma de hacer lo que venimos haciendo, un NUEVO CANAL para alojar/distribuir/utilizar servicios y aplicaciones. Pero no dudéis que no toda empresa y no toda aplicación será necesariamente susceptible...
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    Hoy es el TechDay! Quedan 4 sesiones online en Spanish :)

    post rápido y con fundamento Estan siendo los TechDays http://msdn.microsoft.com/es-es/techdays2009.aspx Por ahora hemos hecho la charla de Iván Gonzalez ( MVP de IIS - Plainconcepts ) a ver cuando esta disponible grabada y os pasamos el enlace...
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