This work is being done as an outside of work free time project.  As such I wanted to keep a clean development environment separate from my other home / work computers.  So I have setup a laptop for my spark development.  And I am enough of a geek that I call it my "SparkStation".

This is a Dell Latitude laptop, which I picked for a few reasons

  • Portability, I plan to have my devices not tethered to a wall outlet in the future.  It's always handy to be able to debug on the go.
  • Good screen size so I can see more code at one time when working
  • Fast enough that runing VS isn't painful
  • And one of the rarest things in laptops in the past few years.  It has a serial port.  Really handy for interfacing with microcontrollers and other small tech.

I am running Windows 7 RC on it, because well Win 7 is just cool :)

In addition to the dev laptop I have on hand various electronics equipment, logic analyzer, O Scope, soldering station (through hole and SMD), multi meters. Yes plural, I buy the $3 meters at Harbor Freight when they are on sale. Handy for wiring into things when debugging motors.  I will call out things and how / why I used them as time goes on.