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June, 2008

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    RobotTag source updated

    A reader Jason points out that the source code didn't include the ZuneScreenManager project, which is necessary to build. Have no fear... Just follow the original link to download the file again if you downloaded it before 1:08 AM Eastern Time on June...
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    How to Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA Series: Part 2, The Code

    And as promised, here's the code walkthrough / conclusion video (download here [39.6 MB]).
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    How To Build a Networked Zune Game with XNA Series - Introduction

    Well hello there! I wanted to share with you the latest installment in my Zune series: Building a networked Zune game. The potential is huge - imagine a group of six people playing Monopoly wirelessly on their Zunes, or some other board or card game....
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    What is the Imagine Cup all about, anyway?

    If you've ever wanted to get a brief understanding of what happens at the Imagine Cup, there is a new page over at Microsoft4Me detailing the projects of the US finalists, complete with videos of their presentations to the judges. You can learn about...
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    Dream, Build, Play 2008 Is Here!

    Do you remember the excitement, the buzz, and the fantastic entries of last year's Dream-Build-Play contest? Well, it's back again! Dream Build Play 2008 is a premier game development competition allowing you to complete with other game developers on...
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    Zune Games with XNA - Understanding Game State Management

    I've covered Game State briefly in the past, but I have always used complex switch statements to handle different logical scenarios within the game. This works for small, simple examples, but is not optimal for more complex projects. In the coming weeks...
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