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August, 2008

  • Game Theory

    How to Get a Job in the Game Industry

    Through my work on this blog and my interactions with industry peeps at Microsoft-sponsored events, I’ve gained a lot of insight (as well as plenty of questions) as to how one might pursue a career in the game industry. Now, as a disclaimer, I’ve never...
  • Game Theory

    GuitarrMatey Update – New Video Added!

    Due to a large volume of requests, I have added a new video to the series! This new video serves as an introduction to the long and difficult 6a-6c miniseries which deals with rigging, weight painting and animation. Many of you mentioned that I didn’t...
  • Game Theory

    XNA on the Zune: Playing Sounds & Music

    If you’re making a game for the Zune, it’s an obvious feature to be able to play music, integrating the user’s playlist as a soundtrack to the game. XNA Game Studio 3.0 adds some new framework features that makes it easy not only to play music, but also...
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