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September, 2010

  • Game Theory

    Imagine Cup: Northwest Tour Dates 9/27-11/9

    If you’re a student and interested in building software to change the world, I may be coming to a campus near you. Please feel free to come and visit if you attend or are near one of these universities on the dates below. Many of these events will have...
  • Game Theory

    The benefit of student software competitions

    This blog post is for students. I was a student myself just five years ago, so a lot of this is still fresh in my memory. In the US, we have an interesting situation. Many years ago (think 1996-2000), if you had a a degree in computer science (or were...
  • Game Theory

    Rant: Useless Security Measures

    I was recently on the phone with for one reason: to change my contact email address. The dialogue that ensued was hilarious, so I thought I would share it. First of all, I logged into with credentials that I magically remembered...
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