Here's a quick and easy way to learn how to programmatically deploy reports to your Windows Azure SQL Reporting server:

1. Access and download the samples there.

2. Open the sample called RSExplorer, which demonstrates how to develop a Windows application that uses the Reporting Services Web service.


Now comes the catch - While the RSExplorer works fine when using the on-prem version of SSRS, if you try to execute it using your Azure SQL Reporting server, you'll notice the application will fail to authenticate.

The reason for this is since authentication to Windows Azure SQL Reporting server is done slightly differently. Lets see how to get the sample working with Azure.

First open the RSExplorer project, and find the method called Connect()


Now, modify it by dropping the DefaultCredencials like and instead, add the 2 lines shown below:

Instead of MyUserName and MyPassword, you should pass your report server user-name and password here.

That's it! Compile the sample, and you can now connect with the RSExplorer to your Azure reporting server.


Most of the other samples from CodePlex will also work after performing the same change, minus for the limitations mentioned in

Lastly, some more info in how to programmatically access Windows Azure SQL Reporting can be found in