CareerZoo 22nd September - links

CareerZoo 22nd September - links

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I'm giving/gave (depending on when you read this) a short talk on building apps (mainly WP7, little bit of Win8) at the Career Zoo event in Dublin on 22nd September ( On the deck I use there are a number of links listed. Instead of either distributing printed sheets, or even just expecting folk to write them down or something, I'm listing them here - that way there should only be one link to remember!

Useful learning resources:

Twitter feeds on o#wpdev, #windowsphone, #wpdevecosystem is Microsoft’s free open source project hosting site.


Other sites (Windows Phone SDK)

The most important and possibly most useful for developers in Ireland is: - this one's got lots of resources to get you started with apps for Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Azure  and also often advertises codecamps or other informal learning initiatives.

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