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    Data Binding - What are NullValue and DataSourceNullValue properties?

    Are you confused about what is NullValue and DataSourceNullValue properties on the Binding class? Are you confused about how Binding behaves when formatting or parsing when either of these is set? If you answered YES to any of these above then read on...
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    PropertyManager - cool trick

    It always amazes me to see the cool tricks one can do using Data binding. Be it simply binding a property of a control or complex binding master/child views with data entry, etc. So, here's a small cool trick about property binding. In Winforms, you...
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    BindingSource - A Closer Look...

    In my previous posts I have spoken about how databinding works in Whidbey and some simple scenarios of binding in Whidbey using BindingSource and BindingList<T>. Now, let’s take a closer look at the BindingSource. BindingSource can be bound to any...
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    BindingSource and BindingList Of T - DataBinding made simple!

    In Whidbey we have new classes: BindingSource and BindingList<T> which should make DataBinding really easy even when binding to business objects. Main advantages are: - BindingSource hooks on to property changes of the current item and fires ListChanged...
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    DataBinding – DataGridView/BindingSource

    Many folks I know find DataBinding a complex thing and try to stay away from it. Here is a quick overview of DataBinding and how it relates to DataGridView (a BIG feature in Whidbey!) and BindingSource (will make life simple!). Before Whidbey a typical...
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    Creating controls/components from Toolbox and Initializing

    I got this question today and wanted to write on it: How does creation of controls from toolbox work? A related question is - how do we initialize the control’s properties when it gets created? A more advanced scenario is – how can we create multiple...
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    Web Hosting Plans

    In a world where pop-ups and banner ads is the rule finding a web host that is free of charge and has no pop-ups or banner ads is not only tough but close to impossible. In my quest to re-juvenate my website I spent a lot of time searching for the optimal...
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    Designer Hosting

    There have been a lot of improvements for designer hosting in Whidbey. The task of creating a host form that hosts other designers in Everett is a huge task requiring probably 100s of lines of code. In Whidbey it is down to <10 lines. More on this...
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    Hello World!

    Have been reading blogs for some time now and finally decided to have one myself! Blogs is taking the world by storm (:-)) and I thought I should be a part of it too! I am an SDET with .Net Client team and have been in Microsoft for over 2 years now....
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