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Dinesh Chandnani, .Net Client Team

January, 2005

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    Creating controls/components from Toolbox and Initializing

    I got this question today and wanted to write on it: How does creation of controls from toolbox work? A related question is - how do we initialize the control’s properties when it gets created? A more advanced scenario is – how can we create multiple...
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    Web Hosting Plans

    In a world where pop-ups and banner ads is the rule finding a web host that is free of charge and has no pop-ups or banner ads is not only tough but close to impossible. In my quest to re-juvenate my website I spent a lot of time searching for the optimal...
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    Designer Hosting

    There have been a lot of improvements for designer hosting in Whidbey. The task of creating a host form that hosts other designers in Everett is a huge task requiring probably 100s of lines of code. In Whidbey it is down to <10 lines. More on this...
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    Hello World!

    Have been reading blogs for some time now and finally decided to have one myself! Blogs is taking the world by storm (:-)) and I thought I should be a part of it too! I am an SDET with .Net Client team and have been in Microsoft for over 2 years now....
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