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C#, .NET and the Curse of the Resource Fork - A Tester's Tale

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  • Blog Post: Back from Portland Code Camp

    The Portland Code Camp yesterday was a blast. In fact, it was one of the best (un)conferences I've been to so far with a wide variety of topics and I'd like to share my personal Top 3 Best of Portland Code Camp 2009 (but keep in mind that that's 3 out of 5): Patrick Cauldwell did a presentation titled...
  • Blog Post: I Am The Seattle Code Camp (And So Can You!)

    I have to admit something embarrassing: I've never been to a code camp! So, I thought, before people start making fun of me because of this, I'd better sign up for the Seattle Code Camp v4.0 which will be held on the third weekend next month in... Redmond of course (but I guess Seattle Code Camp just...
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