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C#, .NET and the Curse of the Resource Fork - A Tester's Tale

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  • Blog Post: The ultimate ExceptionAssert.Throws() method

    A while ago I published a post titled Pimp your VSTT exception tests in which I pointed out some disadvantages of VSTT's declarative approach to testing for exceptions and provided an alternative. I recently gave this some more thought while writing some new tests and noticed that my original version...
  • Blog Post: Pimp your VSTT exception tests

    Writing unit tests in VSTT is great since it comes with a nice unit testing framework and the test tools are neatly integrated into Visual Studio. There is one exception though: Exception testing (yes, that pun was intended). Consider the following example: public class Foo { private object...
  • Blog Post: Fun with events and delegates

    So how can you verify that a given class raises an event? Well, you can simply write some code that registers an event handler and then cause the target to raise that event. Now, how do you verify that a given class does actually handle an event raised by another class? Basically it’s the same thing...
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