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C#, .NET and the Curse of the Resource Fork - A Tester's Tale

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  • Blog Post: Back from Portland Code Camp

    The Portland Code Camp yesterday was a blast. In fact, it was one of the best (un)conferences I've been to so far with a wide variety of topics and I'd like to share my personal Top 3 Best of Portland Code Camp 2009 (but keep in mind that that's 3 out of 5): Patrick Cauldwell did a presentation titled...
  • Blog Post: Reflections on MIX 08 part II: What's the secret Formula?

    One of the outstanding sessions I attended was What's the secret Formula? (PNL14) . The panelists were (in alphabetical order): Dan Harrelson - Senior Technologist, Adaptive Path LLC Daniel Makoski - Microsoft Corporation Jensen Harris - Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation Mike Schroepfer...
  • Blog Post: Happy Usability Day!

    Today is the World Usability Day 2007 and I'd like to encourage everyone to look into it especially of course the presentations given in the MS Conference Center throughout the day which are available online. So, why do I think this is important and why did I tag this post as a QA post? Because if you...
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