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August, 2007

  • DDITDev

    Using Virtual Earth in your WPF application

    Technorati Tags: virtual earth , wpf , ve , geotagging I wanted to experiment more with WPF, since I don't get to use it in my Real Job. Also, I love me some Virtual Earth, so I was looking to find a way to merge the two. What I came up with is an application...
  • DDITDev

    Speeding up image loading in WPF using thumbnails

    Technorati Tags: wpf , thumbnails , image , performance , slow , BitmapImage During a recent WPF session I needed to build a ListBox that showed a bunch of images loaded from an arbitrary directory. Thanks to WPF's data binding, this was trivial - I just...
  • DDITDev

    SQL Server Management Studio - Quick Tip

    Just a quick tip I thought I would share... When working in SQL Server Management Studio, an easy way to hide the results of a query is to press CTRL + R. Press it again to toggle showing the results. Jason
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