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  • Blog Post: LINQ to SQL and multiple result sets in Stored Procedures

    In this post I'm going to demonstrate how you would return and consume multiple result sets from a stored procedure in LINQ to SQL. Imagine you have a stored procedure like this one below. Very simple – it’s just returns all customers and all orders. In my LINQ to SQL Data Context, I have...
  • Blog Post: VS2008 Tip - Remove unused 'using' statements

    Did you know that VS2008 has a great feature to remove any unused 'using' statements in your code? Simply right click anywhere in your code file, select ' Organize Usings ' and select ' Remove Unused Usings '. You then end up with only the using statements you are actually using! (no pun intended...
  • Blog Post: Working with Virtual Machines in PowerShell, SCVMM and C#

    Lately I've been experimenting with SCVMM and PowerShell, and I wondered how hard it would be to automate the creation of a Virtual Machine via C#. Well the good news is that's it not that hard at all! In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to: Create a new VM Get an existing VM / Get all existing...
  • Blog Post: Creating Arcs and Changing Centers with Expression

    I know I had a hard time trying to work this out when I was starting to use Expression, so I thought it might be useful to share! Thanks Tim ! Creating Arcs and Changing Centers with Expression Jason
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Management Studio - Quick Tip

    Just a quick tip I thought I would share... When working in SQL Server Management Studio, an easy way to hide the results of a query is to press CTRL + R. Press it again to toggle showing the results. Jason
  • Blog Post: Quality & Trust

    Recently we had a new release of an application that didn't go as well as planned, which I'm sure a lot of you can probably relate to - after all, how many rollouts do go as planned? This new release contained miles of bug fixes and enhancements and was being touted as a major step forward. Lots of work...
  • Blog Post: What do you want? ;)

    Yesterday my manager sent an email around to the team asking for ways we could better utilize the blog and how we could 'do more blogging'. Needless to say, his email got me thinking... How do we - an internally facing team - better connect with customers? What sort of stuff should we write about which...
  • Blog Post: Reflector 5.0 released!

    If you're serious about developing in .NET, you MUST have this tool! Scott Hanselman has a great post detailing the new features here: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/Reflector5ReleasedWorldDominationAssured.aspx You can download it from here - Jason
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Writer Plugins & Dirty Diapers!

    I've been playing around with Windows Live Writer for a little while now (since it first came out in beta!) and the more I use it, the better it seems to get (in case you haven't used it, I encourage you to check it out ). The only "problem" I've had so far is my lack of understanding on how to create...
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