Today I want to talk about RANU for Package development. RANU stands for Run as Normal user. In Orcas VS SDK, we are providing package developers the ability to create packages as a normal user. Package developers do not need to be administrators on the development box. This was the requirement in VS 2005 SDK since the packages were registered in the experimental VS hive under HKLM.

In Orcas SDKs we will provide the ability to use HKCU as the package registrative hive for package development purposes. There is a new switch added to devnev.exe /RANU. This switch launches VS and uses the hive under HKCU. In the VS SDK, the vsregx tool will be updated to create experimental hive under HKCU. Regpkg.exe tool will be updated to register packages under HKCU. The VS SDK samples build tasks will be uodated to use the regpkg.exe that registers the package in the HKCU experimental hive.

RANU does not enable package deployment under HKCU though. You will continue to deploy VS packages under the HKLM hive of VS. For this purpose we continue to give the ability to use HKLM for package development. You would need to create the experimental hive in HKLM manually using the vsregx tool and modify the build task on the sample in SDK to register the package under HKLM.

These changes are currently not in the VS SDK BETA 1 CTP targeting Orcas. We hope to provide this functionality in the next CTP of VS SDK.