The VS SDK team released the latest VS SDK targeting Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1 last week. You can download it from

This SDK exposes the Run As Normal User (RANU) feature for the first time. When the Visual Studio SDK is installed on a computer, a user with non-administrator permissions can now create a package by using the wizard, and then press F5 to open the new package in the experimental hive. There are a few issues in the platform that causes the devenv /setup action to fail so you might still have to be an admin on the box but the registry re-direction is implemented and the packlages registration happens under HKCU when RANU is used. These issues in the platform are being fixed for BETA 2 release.

There were also some changes to DSL Tools. These include new path editing. In DSL Tools, paths are used in a DSL definition to specify diagram element maps and explorer behavior. This CTP adds richer path editing to the DSL Designer, in the form of a drop-down tree control. You can now either type the path syntax, or you can display a tree view of all the valid paths from the current starting point.

Also, with the current release of the CTP, we have removed the Release month, for example 2007.04, from the SDK folder structure and “Microsoft” was added to the VS SDK shortcut and root folder name.