We are working actively to enhance the expereince of package development for VS Shell Isolated SKU for the VS 2008 V1 VS SDK to be released to target VS 2008 RTM. This will make is easier to add new and existing VSIP packages to a VS Shell SKU. We will be adding support for creation of pkgdef files for the managed packages added to the SKU. The F-5 scenario will also be enhanced to detect the updated to the packages and automatically run the Setup for the SKU to re-create the registry hive for the SKU. We are currently investigating how to enable creation of pkgdef file for native packages. The packages will also support targeting VS Shell SKU to run integration tests added by the packages. This should help test the new packages added to the SKU and reduce the overall cost of testing the SKU.

Stay tuned for these enahncements planned for VS SDK V1 release for VS 2008!