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  • Blog Post: Playing with Writer

    Though hardly breaking news at this point, I'll point folks to the new Windows Live Writer blog posting tool. I've been playing with it for a couple weeks no (we were under quarantine about talking about it) and like it pretty much so far (though I still have a tendency to use the web interface Community...
  • Blog Post: Windows Command Line Auto Completion

    Having explained this to a number of people in as many days, I thought I'd share this tip for working with long paths on the command line. The easist way to expalin this is to jump in feet first: Open a command line ( <Windows Key> -R, CMD <Enter> is engrained in my hands at this point...
  • Blog Post: Cool Notepad Trick

    This neat trick came across on an internal alias. I hadn't seen this before, but I'm guessing it isn't new. Pretty handy for notetaking (if you're a plain text sort of guy/gal). Open a blank Notepad file Write .LOG (in uppercase) in the first line of the file, followed by Enter. Save the file...
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