In my previous articles Collection Preview vs. Timeline Preview, Transitions on the timeline, and Effects on the timeline I showed what a DirectShow graph looks like for very simple MovieMaker timelines. Well what do they look like if you have a timeline with a lot more images and videos and lots of effects? What about the following timeline? What would the graph of this look like?

This timeline has a whole bunch of images and (although you can't see it because I' m zoomed out in the timeline view) there also happens to be quite a few transitions between the images and a whole bunch of effects as well. The DirectShow graph for this timeline happens to be so large that it won't fit on my screen in GraphEdit even if I set the zoom level to 25%. Here's what a portion of the graph looks like (I set the zoom level to 50%, so at least it's semi-readable)

If you look at the scroll bar within the diagram you'll notice that this is only a small portion of the graph. You should notice a whole bunch of source filters on the left for each of the images and you can also see quite a few of the transition and effect filters. You'll can tell the effects by the fact they only have one input and the transitions will have two.