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April, 2005

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    Images and Windows Movie Maker

    [Article updated Apr 26th 04 to show how to create a video file that is more than one frame] A few weeks ago, in the Windows Movie Maker newsgroup, there was a thread about images and what size they should be created at to work optimally without being...
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    Windows Media Developer Center

    The Windows Media Developer Center has just been launched on MSDN. It's goal is to provide a single starting point for all developer questions and information about the Windows Media technologies. More infomation will be added over the coming months.
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    Earthquake Effect

    Someone over on the WindowsMovie Maker.NET forums wanted an Earthquake effect. Link - Earth Quake Effect ? jeb314 replied with a little XML snipped to create a custom effect based upon the Age filter. He modified the parameters to turn the Age value...
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