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March, 2007

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    Helping Chris Pirillo

    I managed to come across Chris Pirillo's post where he said he was breaking up with Vista . Well his number 2 reason was that Windows Movie Maker crashes on a regular basis. Well I couldn't let that statement go without saying something :-), so I posted...
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    Moved teams

    I've been meaning to write this post for a while. For those that don't know I recently left the Video Memories Group to go and work on the Expression Media team. It was way back in 1999, that I left the Visual C++ libraries team to go and work in a new...
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    Windows DVD Maker Command Line Options

    As well as the SDK , which you can use to build your own custom DVD menus, you can control which media is loaded upon startup and even get the burn to start automatically if desired. Eric has just written a post detailing how this can be done.
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