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  • Blog Post: Cool mention of Windows Vista Movie Maker and DVD Maker,1895,2193575,00.asp Yes I know it's a little gratuitous :-), but I got forwarded this link today and it is very cool to see someone that is really happy using the products you worked on. Also, I know I need to start writing some more posts here and try to add some content...
  • Blog Post: RAW Support

    I'm not sure how well known this is, but we did work in Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker to use the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) to make sure we supported images in the camera's RAW format. I know some folks like to shoot photos in the RAW format and previously you would have to convert those...
  • Blog Post: Moved teams

    I've been meaning to write this post for a while. For those that don't know I recently left the Video Memories Group to go and work on the Expression Media team. It was way back in 1999, that I left the Visual C++ libraries team to go and work in a new group that was going to do something with video...
  • Blog Post: Helping Chris Pirillo

    I managed to come across Chris Pirillo's post where he said he was breaking up with Vista . Well his number 2 reason was that Windows Movie Maker crashes on a regular basis. Well I couldn't let that statement go without saying something :-), so I posted a comment offering help. Chris replied and with...
  • Blog Post: Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker SDK Released

    Looks like we've now got the Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker SDK available on Link You can now create custom transitions and effects for Vista Movie Maker and your own custom DVD menu styles all using the power of the GPU.
  • Blog Post: New Camcorders

    A colleague from the Movie Maker team recently sent an email with the following list of Camcorders that were talked about at CES 2007. Sony (16 new camcorders): HDV: 2 ( HDR-HC5/7 ) AVCHD: 2 ( HDR-UX5/7 ) HDD: 5 ( DCR-SR42/62/82, DCR-SR200/300 ) DVD: 4 ( DCR-DVD108/308/408/508 ) miniDV: 3 ( DCR-HC28...
  • Blog Post: Windows DVD Maker and Aspect Ratios

    You may have noticed an innocent little setting in the options dialog called DVD aspect ratio. It allows you a single choice between 4:3 and 16:9. You might think this will cause everything on the disc to be rendered as 4:3 or 16:9. However, as you may be aware, DVD’s allow a mixture of aspect...
  • Blog Post: British pensioner becomes star on YouTube

    I just love this story. He also happens to use Movie Maker for his videos which is always nice to see.
  • Blog Post: Vista Beta 2

    Today, we announced the release of Vista Beta 2 . It’s very cool to know that the new versions of Movie Maker and especially Windows DVD Maker are suddenly going to be in a lot of people’s hands. Personally I’m very much looking forward to seeing the feedback as it rolls in. I’m now running Vista...
  • Blog Post: New Windows Vista Team Blog

    The Windows Vista team blog was recently launched and includes posts from Lorrin Maughan who is a Product Manager with the Windows Client Marketing organization which covers Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker. There is one post about the Windows Photo Gallery but expects more posts about Movie...
  • Blog Post: Goodbye capture, hello file copy

    Well maybe not quite yet, but there are more and more cameras coming out that no longer use tape. They record the video onto a little memory card or hard drive. With the ones that contain a memory card you just pop the memory card out of the camera, put it in your card reader and copy the video files...
  • Blog Post: Windows Movie Maker on Vista

    We're releasing more details about Windows Movie Maker on Vista. Check out the following link for a few more details. Link One of the most exciting features (besides the fact that you can now use Windows DVD Maker to publish your MovieMaker projects directly to DVD), is that we now take advantage...
  • Blog Post: More blogs from the Movie Maker Team?

    Well it looks like some others on the team are starting to think about blogging. There may even be a team blog in the future. Link
  • Blog Post: Medipad

    Thought some of you might be interested in an extremely early shot of "MediaPad", before it came Windows Movie Maker. Well here it is. At this early stage we were just basically experimenting with some UI bits and pieces. Fortunately we have program managers and UI designers that help us to keep things...
  • Blog Post: And Windows Movie Maker was called?

    Mediapad. If you used notepad to edit notes, wouldn't you use Mediapad to edit media? This was just our internal name until the name Windows Movie Maker was decided upon. Frankly, I'm glad we changed the name. I'll try to see if I can dig out a screenshot of an early version.
  • Blog Post: Windows Movie Maker's first name?

    Back in 1999, when we first started writing a video application we didn't begin by calling it Windows Movie Maker, that name came later. Does anybody know or can guess what its internal name was at the beginning? I'll give the answer tomorrow - oh the anticipation :-)
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Pro Photo Website

    For the professional photographers out there (and I know a bunch of them use Windows Movie Maker) the new Microsoft Pro Photo Website is now live.
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2005 Podcasts

    You may have already caught this but Microsoft did a whole bunch of Podcasts from TechEd this year and several of them were made with Windows MovieMaker. TechEd Podcasts
  • Blog Post: Images and Windows Movie Maker

    [Article updated Apr 26th 04 to show how to create a video file that is more than one frame] A few weeks ago, in the Windows Movie Maker newsgroup, there was a thread about images and what size they should be created at to work optimally without being resized. At first glance it’s a simple topic...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Developer Center

    The Windows Media Developer Center has just been launched on MSDN. It's goal is to provide a single starting point for all developer questions and information about the Windows Media technologies. More infomation will be added over the coming months.
  • Blog Post: Earthquake Effect

    Someone over on the WindowsMovie Maker.NET forums wanted an Earthquake effect. Link - Earth Quake Effect ? jeb314 replied with a little XML snipped to create a custom effect based upon the Age filter. He modified the parameters to turn the Age value down to 0 and the FilmJerkiness up at 255. I thought...
  • Blog Post: Do you want a job on the MovieMaker test team?

    Do you want an opportunity to directly affect the quality of the MovieMaker? Well then the test team have a couple of opportunities that might interest you. Software Development Engineer/Test Software Development Engineer/Test The right folks will get a chance to develop code to test the internals of...
  • Blog Post: Do you want a job on the MovieMaker team?

    If you're interested, we currently have an opening on the development team for a Software Development Engineer . It's a fun place to work and I'd highly recommend it.
  • Blog Post: What does a more complicated Movie Maker timeline look like?

    In my previous articles Collection Preview vs. Timeline Preview , Transitions on the timeline , and Effects on the timeline I showed what a DirectShow graph looks like for very simple MovieMaker timelines. Well what do they look like if you have a timeline with a lot more images and videos and lots of...
  • Blog Post: What can I do if I upgrade to Windows XP SP2 and Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is not installed successfully?

    [EDIT - 06/28/05: Added information of extra folder location in Step 6 below] Well first of all you should check to see whether Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is properly installed. To determine this we need to do the following: · Go to the folder where Windows Movie Maker is normally installed...
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