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March, 2007

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    [Windbg Script] Connections from Pool

    If you are like me, you may forget the classes and namespaces you need to find out some specific information. Or maybe you forget the field names you need to look for. It happens to me when I need to take a peek at information from System.Data.SqlClient...
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    [Windbg Script] Playing with Minesweeper

    First, this script is not really about cheating. It does that with Minesweeper, but there are several other possibilities using a bit more bytes that do a better job to fool the application. However, the point here is to show you how powerful the debugger...
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    [Windbg Script] Retrieving information from ASP

    Have you ever had this situation: You need to get ASP information from an IIS process? If yes, you can use the DebugDiag tool to analyze your dump file. Oh, I see… sometimes you use DebugDiag, but you need to manually debug the dump/application...
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    [Windbg Script] Digging the Call Stack

    Windbg has a lot of commands and command variations, so sometimes you may forget some of them, like when you need to dig a call stack to extract more information. Or maybe you remember the commands to get the call stack details, but you need to make sure...
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    Read Me

    The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information that will help you during debugging sessions. The debugging toolbox I provide is a collection of Windbg scripts I created to help me on a daily basis. The collection expands whenever I develop...
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