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May, 2007

  • Debugging Toolbox

    [Windbg Script] Disabling IsDebuggerPresent()

    Years ago I needed to debug an application that just had the binary code with no symbols or source code. To make things even more difficult, I found out the application had some kind of anti-debugger protection. After analyzing the dead listing of...
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    My Blog posts in Korean

    Courtesy of Taehwa Lee (Jeff), a Microsoft DDK MVP. He writes articles for the biggest Korean device driver online community: He asked me if he could translate the articles and this is the first Blog just translated into Korean...
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    [Windbg Script] Get Portable Executable Headers

    There are several tools you can use to read the image headers, like Dumpbin.exe and Link.exe, for instance. You can, however, also use Windbg for doing that! In other words, during your debugging session you can see the header from an image file without...
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