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  • Blog Post: Tools for Your Debugging Toolbox

    This article was just updated to include an internal Microsoft tool that is now public. There are many free tools used to troubleshoot and debug software. Below I present a list of the tools that my peers and I use most of the time. Though most of the tools below are free Microsoft tools, not all...
  • Blog Post: D3v3l0p3r PF3s – 0bs3rv1ng Th3m in Th31r Natural Hab1tat

    PFE has engineers who specialize in areas which can contain one or more technologies. This species is universally known as D3v PF3 (Developer PFE). Not everyone really knows their habits and role and, as a consequence, sometimes it’s hard for customers to engage them. Their specialty is problem...
  • Blog Post: [Windbg Script] Extracting Performance Monitor counters from .NET application

    Have you ever had a situation where you find yourself debugging a dump from ASP.NET when suddenly you notice you forgot to get the Performance Monitor log? If sometimes you face this situation, I have great news for you: this script shows you some of the main .NET Performance Monitor counters....
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