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  • Blog Post: Special Command—Using .dump/.dumpcab to Get Dumps and Symbols from Production Servers

    Using WinDbg you can create a dump file from an application running, for instance, in a production server. After collecting the dump file, you can load it in another machine and debug it. However, to be more effective during your debugging session you need symbols . Thus, thinking about it, here's the...
  • Blog Post: [WinDbg Script] Displaying Queries/Stored Procedures from Threads Running Managed Code

    There’s another script that gives you all queries/stored procedures from SQL Server or Oracle that are stored in the managed heap. This script is more specific because it gives you the query/stored procedure running in a specific thread. It has the option to scan all threads and to display the queries...
  • Blog Post: [Windbg Script] Connections from Pool

    If you are like me, you may forget the classes and namespaces you need to find out some specific information. Or maybe you forget the field names you need to look for. It happens to me when I need to take a peek at information from System.Data.SqlClient namespace, for example. This script retrieves...
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