With Silverlight 2 Beta 1, we have released a refresh for our Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) based JScript engine code named ‘Managed JScript’. Managed JScript team will have some blog posts to help you take most advantage of the features provided in this JScript engine.  For more posts on Managed JScript and other work we are doing on JScript, please keep checking our JScript team blog.


In Silverlight 2 Beta 1, DLR and languages on top of DLR like Managed JScript are available as part of Silverlight 2 SDK.


For a JScript developer building Silverlight application, Managed JScript is the best JScript/JavaScript engine to use as this frees you from quirks in the JScript implementation of different browsers. With Managed JScript you  won’t need to worry about cross-browser issues and won’t need to test in all browsers. You can code once and run in all browsers.  You also get access to the .NET platform and Silverlight controls which are not accessible in browser JScript. You can take advantage of interoperability between dynamic languages provided by DLR. This lets you use libraries written in other dynamic languages like Python or Ruby.