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  • IEBlog Français

    Mises à jour de février 2014 pour Internet Explorer

    Bulletin de sécurité Microsoft MS14-010 - Critique Cette mise à jour de sécurité corrige une vulnérabilité publiquement divulguée et vingt-trois vulnérabilités signalées confidentiellement dans Internet Explorer. Les vulnérabilités les plus graves...
  • IEBlog Deutsch

    Internet Explorer-Updates Februar 2014

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-010 – Kritisch Mit diesem Sicherheitsupdate werden eine öffentlich bekannt gegebene und 23 vertraulich gemeldete Sicherheitslücken in Internet Explorer geschlossen. Die schwerwiegendsten Sicherheitsrisiken können...
  • IEBlog 简体中文

    2013 年 2 月 Internet Explorer 更新

    Microsoft 安全公告 MS14-010 - 关键 该安全更新可解决 Internet Explorer 中二十三个未公开报告和一个已公开披露的漏洞。如果用户使用 Internet Explorer 访问经过特殊制作的网页,则最严重的漏洞可能会允许远程代码执行。成功利用这些最严重的漏洞的攻击者可以获得与当前用户相同的用户权限。与具有管理用户权限的用户相比,在帐户配置中对系统用户权限进行了限制的用户所受到的影响要小一些。 对于 Windows 客户端上的 Internet Explorer...
  • The ShiSh List

    PowerBI goes Surfing

    I use a lot of devices (and smartphone apps) that collect data on the activities that I do; and one of them is Windsurfing. On my windsurfing session last weekend, I wore a Garmin 310XT to collect location and speed data. The GPS lets me export the data...
  • Tobiah Marks

    Be Indie Now 22: Suddenly Words! by Oceanic Bears

    Be Indie Now 22: Suddenly Words! by Oceanic Bears Suddenly Words! is a word based puzzle game made in Unity. The game was made by four students, Alec, Rebecca, Ian and Taran, in just 8-10 weeks during a course at UCSC. The came to Microsoft yesterday...
  • Service Blog - Visual Studio Online

    Issues with Application Insights - Resolved - 4/16

    Final update: 4/17/2014 1:30 AM UTC We completed the rollback at 4/17/2014 00:00 UTC and since that time we’ve confirmed that new data is being processed correctly. The impact window was between midnight 4/16/2014 UTC and midnight 4/17/2014 UTC...
  • MediaStuff

    Saved by the bell…uh test – addTextTrack not at risk!

    While I was at the W3C Face to Face conference, I saw that the addTextTrack method was on the at-risk list for HTML5. As I had written an example and a reference page to document that API, I asked Robin Berjon about it. We brought it up on the screen...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Parallel STL - Democratizing Parallelism in C++

    Only a few years ago, writing parallel code in C++ was a domain of the experts. Nowadays, this field is becoming more and more accessible to regular developers thanks to the advances in libraries, such as the PPL and C++ AMP from Microsoft, Intel's Threading...
  • IEBlog Русский

    Представляем режим чтения в Internet Explorer 11

    В Internet Explorer 11 можно нажать кнопку в адресной строке или коснуться ее, чтобы перевести представленную на веб-странице статью в режим чтения. Режим чтения — это новый компонент в Internet Explorer 11 для Windows 8.1. Он поможет сфокусироваться...
  • IEBlog Português

    Introdução ao Modo de Exibição de Leitura no IE 11

    No IE11, você pode clicar ou tocar em um botão na barra de endereços para colocar um artigo na página da Web no modo de exibição de leitura. O modo de exibição de leitura é um novo recurso do Internet Explorer 11 para Windows 8.1 que ajuda você a se...
  • IEBlog 한국어

    IE 11의 읽기용 보기 기능 소개

    IE11에서는 주소 표시줄의 단추를 클릭하거나 탭하면 웹 페이지 기사를 읽기용 보기로 바꿀 수 있습니다. 읽기용 보기는 읽고 싶은 웹 페이지의 주요 콘텐츠에 집중할 수 있도록 도움을 주는 Windows 8.1의 Internet Explorer 11의 새로운 기능입니다. 읽기용 보기는 읽을 내용과 관련된(또는 아무런 관련이 없는) 콘텐츠에 시선을 빼앗기지 않고 읽고 싶은 기사나 블로그 게시물만 읽을 수 있는 방법입니다. 읽고 싶은 기사를 찾아...
  • IEBlog 日本語

    IE11 の読み取りビューの紹介

    IE11 では、アドレス バーのボタンをクリックまたはタップすると、Web ページの記事を読み取りビューで表示することができます。 読み取りビューは、Windows 8.1 向け Internet Explorer 11 の新機能です。この機能を使用すると、読みたい Web ページのメイン コンテンツに集中することができます。読み取りビューは、記事に関連するしないを問わず、周りにある不要な情報は表示せずに、読みたい Web ページの記事やブログ記事だけを表示する機能です。読みたい記事を見つけたら...
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