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    App-V 5: On Java Virtualization Strategies

    Throughout the past 15 years, from its origins in Softricity, one of App-V’s primary use cases has been addressing complex version-dependent Java run-time ecosystems. The “Application-to-Application Isolation model” of App-V –...
  • Japan Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    LINQPad 4 用 Dynamics CRM ドライバーが公開されました!

    みなさん、こんにちは。 今日は先日公開された、LINQPad 4 用 Dynamics CRM ドライバーを紹介します。 LINQPad Driver for Dynamics CRM LINQPad とは LINQPad ( ) は LINQ クエリを様々なデータソースに対して 実行できる、開発者向けのツールです。また、LINQ クエリだけでなく C#/F#/VB...
  • Janani's WebLog

    Troubleshoot your Windows Phone certificate issues easily now!

    Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend! Diagnosing certificate related issues on Windows Phones has been kind of a hassle so far. Even though you can provision certificates to Windows phones through the MDM channel, there was no UX to view the...
  • Lync Support Team Blog JAPAN

    Lync の更新プログラム(CU) 一覧

    こんばんは。 Japan Lync Support Team です。 以前、当ブログにて CU リストが掲載されたページをご紹介いたしましたが、いつのまにか更新されなくなってしまいました...。 1. Lync Server 2013 ※公開サイトでダウンロード可能なバージョンは最新版のみです。ただしセキュリティパッチ(Sec)の場合、ひとつ前のパッチが公開されている場合もございます。 Version KB Date 5.0.8308...

    连接Windows Azure Pack和Windows Azure的虚拟网络

    Windows Azure Pack和Windows Azure都使用IPSec S2S VPN来打通企业内网和云中的虚拟网络。那么问题是,作为租户如果在不同的云中都部署有服务,能否将两朵云打通呢?用技术的方式来表达就是,有没有可能将服务提供商基于Windows Azure Pack构建的云中的租户虚拟网络同Windows Azure中租户的虚拟网络打通呢? 答案是肯定的。下面就是一个例子。 首先当然我们在Windows Azure和Windows Azure Pack中分别创建一个虚拟网络...
  • monoe's blog

    HTML5 を使ったシンプルな 2 D ゲームの作り方(準備編)

    前回の記事で書いたとおり 、昨年末に shcoo (スクー) さんの授業に出演した さいにデモに使用したコードをもとに、HTML5 を使用したシンプルな 2D ゲームの作成方法について紹介していきます。 実際にどのようなゲームを作るのか、は以下の記事で紹介していますのでぜひご覧ください。実際に動かして遊べますよ。 HTML5 を使ったシンプルな 2 D ゲームの作り方(序)   コーディングに使用する環境 今回はから実際にコードの記述を開始します。作業は Visual Studio 2013...
  • Synergist

    Having Fun with the Neon API

    One of the exciting things that got to do at South by Southwest last month in Austin was help with a hackathon where developers got to experiment with building new music apps and experiences.  As part of this hackathon, I helped a newly-independent...
  • Application Insights Service Status Blog

    Experiencing Data Access issue in Azure Portal - 4/26 - Resolved

    Final Update : , 4/26/2015 20:18 UTC We’ve confirmed that all systems are back to normal with no customer impact as of 4/26, 18:10 UTC. Our logs show the incident started on 4/26, 03:10 UTC and that during the 15 hours that it took to resolve...
  • Musings on Data

    Visualizing City of Chicago owned properties with Power BI Designer

    The week after next, I’ll be in Chicago to present at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. I thought it would be fun to look at some data for the City of Chicago to see what I could do with it. Revenue is important to any city. Developing enduring...
  • Abhinav Dhar

    Azure Service Bus: Searching in Messages

    There are instances when we don't want a message with a certain content be processed. In such a case the biggest challenge is to find the message in the queue. We can do the following - 1. Stop the existing processor (may be a worker role which...
  • A course on JavaScript, HTML5 and Windows 8 App building

    Cleaning up Visual Studio C++ projects

    After manually cleaning up Visual Studio C++ solutions for a long time, finally I had enough when I was trying to clean a Cocos2d-x project with its nested hierarchy of projects.. each with its own bin/debug/arm folders. So I started... more
  • Abhinav Dhar

    Azure Service Bus - Copy , dump and replay messages

    Introduction While working with Azure service bus there are instances when we would like to copy or move messages from the queues. These activities arise while one is maintaining an existing production system which implements the service bus. Below...
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