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  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    LSharp Discussion Group

    I've been playing a little with Lisp lately. Unlike many other single-sourced languages these days (Python, Ruby, to a large extent C# and Java), Lisp comes in a myriad of flavors and implementations. Even with the Ansi Common Lisp standard, each one...
  • Home of the Data Dude

    CTP5 Is Live!

    Two days ahead of schedule, we were expecting it to be available on Monday, we are happy to announce that CTP5 is ready for consumption. We are almost done...
  • Rob Caron

    What's New in Team Edition for Database Pros, CTP 5

    The blogging activity from the product team indicates that CTP 5 of Team Edition for Database Professionals is just around the corner. See the following posts from the team to see what's coming soon: Gert Drapers - Importing SQL Scripts in to the Database...
  • Charlie Calvert's Community Blog

    Visual Studio.NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

    Visual Studio 2005 is the preferred environment for developers who want to keep up with the latest C# and .NET technologies. Those who are still using Visual Studio.NET 2003, however, will want to download the new service pack for that IDE. The service...
  • Satisfy Me

    Friday Link: Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans"

    Leave it to boingboing to bring us a post on Rick Mercer's CBC special, "Talking to Americans ." Rick is one of Canada's great satirists, and his show is the highest rated comedy special in Canadian television history, reaching 2.7 million viewers in...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Back From Vacation

    I spent the past few weeks on my Grandparents' farm in upstate New York. When I think of New York I always think of the city and suburbia. After spending 2 weeks in the upper part of the state, I'm amazed how wrong that view is. There are hundreds of...
  • Rob Caron

    Jeff Beehler on Shipping Team Foundation Server

    Charles Sterling produced a Webcast ( TechEd Webcast "Lessons Learned Shipping TFS" by Jeff Beehler ) based on content recorded during Jeff Beehler 's trip to Australia earlier this year ( Team Foundation Server Australian User Group Tour ). Speaking...
  • Andrew Coates ::: MSFT

    The Haiku Hits Keep On Coming

    Tech•Ed looms ever nearer Consumes all my time See you on the other side If you need a Tech•Ed Haiku for your OOF , see Dave in the Dev'Garten - he's offered to write you one .
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Interesting scenario with capitalizing Greek strings in Windows Media Center

    We were investigating a bug in the Greek version of Windows Media Center for Windows Vista this past week. As Matt Goyer previously explained , there are some instances where we automatically capitalize strings in Windows Media Center (such as when we...
  • Noah Coad

    Classic Arcade Games @ MS

    You may have heard that there are video arcade games scattered around MS, that "all set to run for free!". Here's the inside scoop... Well it is true, however, some breakrooms/kitchens have a better supply than others. When I was in building 41, there...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Visual Studio 2003 SP 1

    In case you haven’t seen it. Visual Studio 2003 SP 1 has been released. Read the full story here Download it here
  • Cum Grano Salis

    Closing workbooks Asynchronously - VS2003

    I just got asked about this today. If you will recall, in a previous post I explained why the CloseWorkbook() Excel Web Services method is a good candidate for calling in a "Fire and Forget" manner. The explanation in that post was specific for...
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